Welcome to Storiola!

Welcome to Storiola!.


Commentary Liverpool V Tottenham

15:55: 5 minutes till we kick off.

Breaking News: Joe Cole will not be starting for Liverpool, he slightly injured his ankle in training.

Day round up so far: Chelsea 1 Newcastle 1.

15:58 We’re about to start.

Anticipation is gonna get the better of me soon. . . #

16:00 Jamie Carragher leads his side out on his 450th league appearance, interesting, isn’t it.

A twitter comment says “God save Paul Konchesky today, I’m afraid he’ll be ripped apart by Lennon!”
Very true!!!

1603: Liverpool gets us underway after Gallas has a last team talk with his fellow players. Match started a little late!

Apparently it is freezing in London at the moment, even though I love football I wouldn’t play in just shorts, maybe winter coat, scarf, gloves and hat I might have been persuaded for a bit of money. . .

16:08 Gallas passes back to Gomes but dosen’t seem to realise how close the keeper was, Gomes does well to clear the ball out of any danger.

16:10 As predicted, Lennon rips Konchesky apart, passed to Luka Modric who can only punt the ball into Reina’s hands.

16:12 Torres plays a lovely ball to Maxi Rodriguez, but the Argentine is a fraction offside.



The Premier League is well under way.  Chelsea were cruising at first but they have had a dip in form.  However their YOUNGSTERS managed to beat MSK Zilina in a close 2-1 win.  Man Utd seem to have Wayne Rooney back to form.  But a penalty is definitely not enough  to secure the support of fans and also to prove that he is good enough to have a regular starting place.

Man City and Arsenal in particular are not to be ruled out.  But Arsenal’s loss against Braga thanks to two goals from Matheus showed many weaknesses in Arsenal.  Money seems to be paying off for Man City. . .

Bolton have been impressive recently but I think we can rule them out of the title race.  Along side Bolton, Tottenham are fighting but Harry Redknapp’s claims are premature to say the least.

Liverpool are on one of their worst seasons, while Sunderland are enjoying a few recent wins.

Newcastle, Blackpool and Blackburn are competing around 11th place.  Newcastle’s bright start to the season after moving up from the Championship has slowed down, leaving them only mid-table contenders.

Aston Villa, Everton, Birmingham, West Brom and Fulham are poor this season and are fighting to beat the drop.

Wigan, Wolves and West Ham lie in the relegation zone.

My Predictions


Wigan, Wolves and Birmingham.

League Winner

Man Utd  Reason:  Because they are coming back to form with Rooney on the go you never know but then again you can’t rule out Chelsea, or Arsenal or even Man City.



The Ammonite Radar

Chapter 1: A Storm

It was the end of a day’s training at Lyme Regis academy for lifeguards. Eric pondered walking down to the beach and having a nice, relaxing swim in the freezing sea. His friend Johnny, decided to come with him. Eric’s black hair seemed to blend in with the darkening sky looming above him! His tall body no longer cast a shadow on the sand. A thunder storm was coming. Anyone out in a boat would be heading for disaster. He scanned the horizon. Was that a fishing boat? Yes! It was! The storm was brewing and the waves were starting to rush up the beach towards Eric and Johnny! Suddenly the boat overturned and the sailor fell into the water.

“Oh no!” thought Eric. Johnny had just noticed this as well. He just stood there motionless as waves lapped around his feet. Eric, however, was running quickly towards a moored motor boat bobbing on the waves. Johnny, seeing his friend’s daring, ran after him calling,

“Eric, there’s nothing you can do about it!” Eric took no notice! Johnny started off in pursuit. He must stop this crazy plan to rescue the shipwrecked man! Eric would only get himself killed!

Eric was already sitting in the rocking boat beckoning for Johnny to cast off. Johnny shook his head. Eric was signally wildly to him. Johnny realised that nothing would stop his friend and he pulled out a swiss army knife and reluctantly cut the mooring rope. The boat lurched forward, carried by a rushing wave and against his better judgement, Johnny jumped aboard.

A man ran to where his motor boat had been. He stared and then shouted,

“What do you think your doing, you’ll get . . .” His voice was drowned out by a sudden lightning bolt streaking a brilliant ray across the shadowy sky! Shortly afterwards, a deafening thunder roll sent the man running back to safety. He looked back. His boat was not in sight! The huge waves must have swallowed them up instantly.

Aboard the boat, Eric was struggling to control it. Johnny was bailing out water, only to have another wave splash over him, soaking him to the bone. The two eighteen year old boys didn’t have much experience of sailing, and holding the steering wheel steady was hard enough without having to keep an eye open for an overturned boat. As the sturdy craft broke through yet another huge wave, they caught a glimpse of an upturned hull with a man hanging on for dear life!

The boys slowed down and a wave bounced over the deck, momentarily blinding them. Their boat was touching the little wooden fishing smack and Eric tied them together. The man flailed his arms towards the boys, but his arms didn’t quite reach far enough. He was sucked under the foaming water and shot up again to be grabbed by Eric who shouted to Johnny,

“Help me pull him in!”

They hauled the man over the side of the boat and he lay on the damp wooden deck, gasping for breath. Eric steered the boat in a circle and headed for where he hoped the shore was. Blackness covered the sky, and waves attacked the side of the boat. Then Eric said,

“I think I caught sight of land!” At that moment an ear splitting sound reached their ears. Half of the boat splintered into pieces. Fortunately, the half with the occupants remained in tact. But inevitably, water flooded the boat turning it over, sending Eric, Johnny and the man flying into the sea.

Everything went black as Eric hit his head on a rock. . .

Eric’s eyes opened drearily. Where was he? His eyes came into focus and a rocky beach lay around him, with water splashing his body. Ah, he was on Monmouth beach. What time was it? He didn’t know. He felt hungry and decided to see if Johnny or the man were around. The Sun was rising in the east. An orangey light was cast over the deserted beach. No one was on the beach, apart from sea gulls crowing loudly. Then he saw a man dressed (much like himself) in ragged clothes stumbling across the hard rocky surface. It was Johnny! They walked towards each other, both exhausted and cuts scattered on their bodies. But at least they were alive. Johnny called in a croaky voice,

“Eric, you’re alive, thank goodness! The man is lying down in a cave. He has a broken leg, I think. I went to look for you!”

“Wow, that was a horrible ordeal!” stuttered Eric, dripping water over the grey stones. Splash.

“Eugh!” he exclaimed. “I’ve trodden in a hole where a fossilised ammonite’s been!”

Then suddenly they heard the noise of an engine. A motor boat was whizzing along the coast. Both of the boys yelled loudly to attract the driver’s attention. He appeared to have not noticed them, when quickly he u-turned the boat and turned the engine off. He glided to a halt and the passenger of the boat got out. He wore sunglasses and a Hawaiian top, with brown shorts reaching just below his knees.

“What’s up boys?!” he said gazing in amazement at the boys tattered clothes. Then Eric said,

“A shipwreck and we have an injured man in a cave. Could you take us back to the harbour please?”

“Sure lads.”then he called to the driver of the boat, “Make sure the ambulance is ready to take the injured man to hospital.” The driver got down to business and Eric, Johnny and the passenger walked to the cave where the shipwrecked man was. The cave was gloomy and water dripped casually on to a slippery seaweed surface. They carefully made their way across, to the man. Eric and Johnny lifted him gently up with the passenger giving them directions of where to go.

Once they were back onto the beach, the injured man blinked.

“Where am I? What happened!” He stuttered uncertainly. And then he passed out again.

“Quick, we must get him back to town!” urged the stranger in the boat.

They laid the man down on a cushion against the side of the boat. The motor boat roared into life and they sped across the waves quickly. They could see people on the beach idly watching them whiz by! Then Eric saw the harbour with boats bobbing merrily on the sea. The motor boat drove in and stopped next to a green boat. A man walked out, shaking his fist,

“OI, what d’ya fink ya doin’? Making a din like ‘at. ‘Ow can an old man like me get some sleep with you yung uns playing the fool all the time? EH?” Johnny fled like the wind and Eric was soon after him. However, the driver of the boat wasn’t standing for that.

“You lunatic, are your brains in your head or they left in dreamland. We have an injured man on board. Have you heard of the storm, or were you asleep? This man was stranded and those boys you frightened, were the ones who rescued them!” Then suddenly the old man yelled,

“We got the rescuers of the ole man who fell in the sea! Get the news reporters. C’mon, step on it!”

The driver of the boat looked in bewilderment at the old man’s excited face. He told his friend,

“Let’s go and find those kids and head to the hospital. Cor, what ever will my wife say when she hears what I did. I will probably be famous! I was the guy who gave the rescuers a lift!”

However a flurry of reporters brandishing cameras banged into him,

“What were the name of the boys? Where have they gone? What’s your name?”they yelled above the noise of each other!

The boat driver pushed his way though with the help of his friend and they darted round the corner of a boat house. They saw Eric and Johnny leaning against a neighbouring wall.

“Phew!” Eric said, “I’ve just rung the ambulance, they should be here any second now.” As if by magic, a siren rang out and they could hear people moving out of the way for it to come through.

Soon, shouts of,

“Come here, he’s here in the boat!” filled the new morning air.

“Well, goodbye, and thanks for helping us!” said Eric as he and Johnny walked off back to their separate homes.

Chapter Two: Five Years Later

Eric woke up suddenly! It was the middle of the night. He felt cold. Then, what was that strange noise? A creaking. Was that a muffled shout? Then pattering feet. Suddenly Eric knew that someone was in the house. He quickly moved to the door. He peeped out. There were five men pulling someone towards the stairs. Then he realised. It was his Dad, being kidnapped for the blueprints for his experiment. Then a man with black gloves and a black hat called,

“Hey, there’s someone peeping out of the door!” All the men swung round! Eric quickly withdrew his head!

“I’ll go and see. You four carry on with the job!” muttered one of the men. Eric thought fast, then he moved to the window and looked down. The street was deserted. He could put up a fight. But this man might be armed. So, Eric jumped and landed doing a forwards roll! He stood up, recovering from his jump. Quick! Now to get to the door and lock those robbers in. Meanwhile, the man in Eric’s room looked in. And to to his astonishment, no-one was there!

“Ah, he’s gone out of the window!” He pulled out a gun and fitted a silencer on it. Then he ran to the window and gently squeezed the trigger! What a fright Eric got. He instinctively ran round the front of the house out of the view of the gunman. His enemy jumped and landed slightly more awkwardly than Eric did. Eric tried to confront him, but the man dodged and ran towards a waiting Jeep. Eric didn’t bother to chase him but went to the front door to try and stop the kidnappers. But alas, the door swung open clonking Eric on the head! He fell back dazed! Four men bundled through the door almost carrying Eric’s Father. His son could do nothing about it. The car revved off into the night.

Chapter 3: Treasure Hunting

When Eric awoke the next morning, he was suddenly reminded of the previous night’s events by a painful throbbing feeling on his head. Then it struck him! He realised that what had taken place was serious! He had forgotten to ring the Police. Quickly, he ran to the bed side table and dialled 999.

“Yes?” muttered a sleepy voice. Eric replied,

“My father has been taken by some men. They got away in a Jeep!”

“Woah, slow down sonny, it aint nine o’clock yet!” Sgt FC Major yawned.

“What a business!” he thought. “ Kidnappers, Jeeps! Spit it out!” he called down to Eric.

“Well, it was like this. . .” came the anxious reply.

One monotonous hour later, Johnny and Eric sat bored in Carlo’s Italian diner. When would the police ring back? Then a vibration shook Eric. Ah! At last!

“Hello?” said Eric.

“Hey Jake, that don’t sound like you!”came a high pitched girl’s voice.

“Think you’ve got the wrong number!” Eric slumped back as the sound of someone clicking a phone down. He said to an expectant Johnny,

“Wrong number!”

“. . . arrrrrr!” groaned Johnny exasperated.

Soon Eric heard from the Police, but they hadn’t found the Jeep. Then Eric knew that it was his own responsibility to get his father back from these men. He said to Johnny once they back at home,

“If this invention gets out, a foreign power might get hold of it, and I don’t wanna think what might happen if it does. I have one lead to where my father might have hidden his blueprints. In the caves, on Monmouth beach. Which one is mystery to me.”

The next day, Eric and Johnny walked across a busy beach onto a slightly less-crowded Monmouth beach. The Sun shone brightly on them. It illuminated anxious faces, cracked cliffs and finally the caves. There were six or seven of them, crowded together like books on a bookshelf.

Eric and Johnny headed towards the first cave. Their torches lit up the roof of the cave. It was covered in some kind of slime. Water dripped form the walls and floor was coated in slippery green seaweed. They cautiously made there way in, making sure they didn’t fall. Somehow, it didn’t feel like Eric’s Dad would stumble across this treacherous ground to hide his blueprints. But maybe he chose this cave to discourage any unwanted blueprint takers. They searched thoroughly but to no avail, the cave was not where the scientist had hidden his blueprints. As they looked into the next few caves Eric thought about the invention. “A Radar”, his Dad had said. “One which will spot things coming before they’ve come.” He was snapped out of his dream by a shout from Johnny,

“Hey, what’d you make of this?” Eric ran over, and stared at what Johnny was pointing at. It was a box, something had been ripped of its side.

“Quick! Open it!” Eric shouted. Johnny pulled at the lid of the box, but it held fast. Then he fumbled in his pocket and brought out a little knife and tried to prize the lid open. Suddenly there came a great wrenching sound and the lid flew open sending both of the boys tumbling backwards.

They got back up and ran to the box trying not to slip on the seaweed covered floor. But to their disappointment, the box was empty.

“Maybe there’s a false back!” said Eric excitedly. But Johnny was staring glumly at two words printed on the bottom of the box. It said quite plainly:


The two boys grievously walked out of the cave. They blinked as they came into the view of the Sun’s powerful rays! There were only two caves left, one very small, and the other far bigger than any they’d searched that day.

They went into the big cave first but much to their dismay it was completely clear of seaweed and they reasoned that there would be no place that Eric father could have hidden the blueprints. But this disappointment only added to their excitement! It meant that if Eric was right about his “only lead” this final small cave one be the one they were looking for! Ironically, this was the last cave they would look in! They had to stoop low to enter this cave, it hosted the usual slippery floor but this time there was a flat rock in the middle of it. Johnny and Eric were spot on. They heaved the rock out of its place and underneath lay a piece of A4 paper in a little see-through envelope. They had found it! What they would do next, they didn’t know, but something was happening at that very moment, which would give them something to go on!


The Premier League

The Premier League has finished in style. A few stupid things and some weird facts:
How can a team win 4 nil and lose the Premier League in the same day.
Chelsea won the Premier League but when they beat Manchester United they won 2-1 and video footage has proven that the second goal for Chelsea was offside. If the linesman had been awake the table would have a difference:
Manchester United 85 points
Chelsea 84 points.
Another fact, there were 32 goals scored on the LAST DAY OF THE SEASON!
And a team which may be facing teams like Barcelona have lost to a relegated team of the Premier League.
And another fact, the team playing in the Europa League final are 12th.
I think that the Premier League has come to a horrible cheating end.



The Man in Blue

Lady Cansella moved cautiously through the hall.  Lights glittered in radiance all ready for the party this afternoon.  Lady Cansella had to ask someone whether they would dance with her.  She was wary of knights moving around the hall, waiting for someone to ask the pleasure of dancing with them.  Lady Cansella looked around.  Ah, Sir Donald Brooks.  She moved over towards him,

“Will you be so kind as to dance with me?”she bowed at Sir Brooks.

“You, why would I want to dance with you?”Sir Brooks waved his hand at Lady Cansella.

This was what was happening all around the room.  The Lords and Ladies were supposed to be decorating the hall.  This job is for servants, thought Lady Cansella.  Then she thought,

“But when the King asks everyone to do something, everyone does something.  Everyone knows what happens if you don’t. . .”  Her thought were abruptly stopped by a sudden hush in the room.  A man, wearing a black flowing robe marched into the room.  Suddenly he roared,

“I don’t see any decorations here!”  He was treating the Lords and Ladies of the castle like slaves.

“I wonder what he does to the slaves. . .”thought Lady Cansella.

“Get on with it!”  bellowed the King!  King Henry VIII was having a ball held for the King of France, King Francis!

Suddenly the room turned into a flurry of Colourful robes.

“Ah, I know where the slaves are!”  Lady Cansella could smell a Pig being roasted.

“Hello. . . ” said someone menacingly.  King Henry VIII stood just next to her!  Then he whispered, “Listen here, shall we say you’re number one on a certain list I own.”  For a second, Lady Cansella thought he was asking her to dance with him later that afternoon!  But then she realised!  Lady Cansella hurried over to the wall and started pinning a poster of a castle on the wall.  She noticed the pins.

“Wow,” she thought, “Gold!”  Much to her relief, The King left the room and majestically strode into the kitchen.

That afternoon, a huge splendid coach approached the gates of Middlestone Castle.  Two, brown horses were attached with a golden harness to King Francis’ coach!  Red curtains encircled the middle part of the coach.  While a hard oak roof painted gold covered the coach.  Behind this soldiers were marching along as if in time to music.  They were armed with spears and a shield en-crested with the French flag.  If King Henry was planning an assassination it was more likely that he himself would get killed.  But he wouldn’t try one on the French King.  It would cause a worldwide disturbance.

The hall was glittering in the lights and a stand covered in special fabric had musicians perched there, feeling nervous!  King Henry had said that anyone who makes a mistake in ‘Greensleeves’, whether dancing or playing an instrument, will have their head chopped off!  The King of France had declined from dancing, saying that he was ill!  However, Lady Cansella had seen King Francis in his bedroom-so kindly presented to him by King Henry-talking to his friend Sir Bonoparte.  King Louis told Bonoparte that he wasn’t dancing because he didn’t know the dance moves for Greensleeves.  Lady Cansella stood next to Sir Ronald Archbank.  He had asked to dance with Lady Cansella.  She would have rather turned down this offer, but it didn’t look as if she would have any other offers!

Then suddenly, a loud voice descended on the crowd of men and women!

“Lords and Ladies!”it was King Henry standing on the balcony where the French King sat.  “The Dance will now begin!”  Everyone moved to their places.  King Henry added, “This, I composed for my beloved wife, and together we will lead the dance!”  He walked down the steps followed by Queen Anne Boleyn.  She was eager to keep in Henry’s good books at the moment, after what happened to his first wife. . .  Everyone now stood in rows next to their partner.  The music started, it was smooth and gentle.  The dance began.

When the dance finished King Henry glanced up at the balcony, there were French troops milling round there, watching in amusement at an English dance.  Then Lady Cansella noticed a man in blue with a bow and a quiver full of arrows standing at the doorway.  He was fitting an arrow to his bow.  Surely not!  He wouldn’t dare to kill King Henry.  Or would he?  Then suddenly a shout came from King Francis,

“King Henry, there is a man about to shoot you!  Guards get him!”  King Henry soon had a group of English soldiers blocking him from the man.  French soldiers rushed down from the balcony and chased after the man in blue.  But he had got clean away.  The troops ran through the doorway.

“Huh, there’s no hope of them catching that man!” thought Lady Cansella.

The great hall had turned into a mass of screaming Ladies, Lords trying to stop them screaming and finally king Henry giving orders to the commander of the army.

The commander walked thoughtfully away to his room high up in the posh rooms in the castle.  He opened the door and walked in, his room was furnished beautifully with ornate vases and shields hanging on the wall.  But now there was something different.  A man wearing a blue hooded top and blue trousers was seated in an oak chair.

“Good-day, I think it is time I talked to you! muttered The Blue Assassin.  “I remember you, I have been looking for you. . .I thought you wouldn’t enter Henry’s world of treachery.  Yes, I know it sounds rich coming from me.  But I thought you were an honest man.  We need scoundrels in this world and we need honest people, but to change between the two is insane.  I am treacherous, yes i know it to be true, but I assassinate people for money, I am poor, but you?  You’re rich, and powerful, why do you need to be a scoundrel?  But real treacherous people like you shouldn’t live!

“What?” yelled The Commander.

“So I will kill the treacherous!” rasped The Blue Assassin.  He whipped out a dagger and flung it wildly at The Commander.  It hit him in the chest.  He sunk to the ground and fell dead motionless on the red carpet.

“King Henry King Henry!” shouted a servant.  “The Commander has been murdered!”

“What?”  King Henry stumbled out of his compartment in the castle.  It was obvious he had been sleeping.

A guard walked round the corner on patrol.

“Come with me!” ordered Henry.  The guard immediately followed Henry.

They looked into The Commander’s room.  He lay in a unnatural position with a dagger pierced in his heart.  Then King Henry looked at the dagger.  The handle was painted blue.  A sign of the Blue Assassin.

“That fool!  I will kill him one day!” raged King Henry.

Just around the corner a man in blue listened to all King Henry said.

“It will be you who dies, I think, the treacherous must die!” thought the Blue Assassin.

It was the day of the departure of King Louis when a shout was heard from the kitchen.  One of the guards yelled,

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Assassin, I’ll get him!”  Then another scream and a maid ran into the great hall,

“Murder!” she shrieked! Sir Bonoparte is dead!  A man in blue with a dagger and he killed a guard!”  At this King Henry ran through to the kitchen.

Lords and Ladies emerged from rooms to see what was happening.  But the hall was now empty, King Henry’s guards followed Henry into the kitchen.  King Francis had ordered his men to scour the area outside the castle.  It was all turmoil.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen Sir Bonoparte lay on the ground and just out of the doorway a guard lay knocked out on the hard stone floor!

“Huh, guard, really dead!” muttered King Henry to Sir Brooks.  “But Bonoparte is dead!  I think we might need to post some more guards in the castle.”  Then suddenly on the floor next to a stone table, lay a note!  It was probably intended to reach the fire.  It had probably missed because the Assassin was in a hurry.  Something was written in an official looking handwriting, it read,

Dear ‘The Blue Assassin’,

As you know, your’ aim of killing King Fracnis and King Henry had been severely hindered.  So, I hear from my ‘inside group’ who live and work as soldiers in the castle that you have had to kill Sir Bonoparte because he started to suspect some of the ‘inside group’ and also, your’ stupid method of killing the treacherous has resulted in the killing of King Henry’s right hand man.  You are taking it too far.  Just do the job and forget the treacherous, you are working for me.  Remember the deadline is in a week’s time.  They must be dead or my ‘inside group’ will see that you will, not to put it too finely, bite the dust.  Remember, the time and place for the meeting is seven sharp in the Castle gardens, and I will wait for you at the big oak tree.  The money will be there.  As will my sword, if you fail!


Sir Dusseldorf

P.S.  Liberty from Henry and Louis will see the treaty of Carconne scrapped.

“Ah ha,” thought King Henry.  “Now, I’ll be on my guard!  Guards, I want four men near me at all times and the lookouts must be doubled,  see that it happens, Sir Brooks!”

“Yes Sir!” was the prompt reply from Sir Brooks.  He began giving orders.

“But what if the Assassin was already in the castle?!”thought Lady Cansella.

The Sun rose high above Moorton Hill.  A deep green forest lay below and Middlestone Castle beyond that.  Inside the forest, Spikey as Sir Dusseldorf called him was wandering around aimlessly wondering if The Blue Assassin would actually turn up.  Spikey was one of the elite German footmen and together with Sir Dusseldorf, they had hatched a marvellous scheme to stop the treaty of Carconne being signed.  King Heidrich of Germany didn’t want this to happen as it would mean the English and the French would join sides and probably stop the Germans running riot over Europe.  With Poland now controlled by Germany, it was looking as if they would be able to take France and England under their control by picking them off one by one.

It was six in the morning and it was just an hour until The Blue Assassin should come with news of the death of King Henry of England and King Francis of France.

Meanwhile, in the castle, a man in blue was stealthily creeping through the dimly lit corridors of Middlestone Castle.  No-one was awake yet apart from the guards who were drearily “patrolling” the castle.

“Ah, a guard is coming, well no time to hide!” thought the assassin.  He flung a dagger at the man.

“Dead!”thought the assassin.  It was a good thing King Francis had stayed the night which meant there was time for him to be killed.  He had stayed because by the time the “disturbance” had finished it was too late too travel to France in one day.

The assassin was now outside King Francis’ room and a man stood outside, dressed in the French’ infantry’s uniform.  When he saw the man in blue he shouted,

“The assassin!”but by that time a dagger had killed him and the red floor turned blood red.  The assassin kicked the door open!  The French King was now sitting up in his ornate bed.  He yelled,

“Guards!”before the assassin ran to him and ran him through with a sword!  The King slumped back in his bed and breathed his final breath.  There was a window looking out onto the walls where two guards stood.  The assassin looked at the hill in the distance and then adjusted his gaze to the forest.  The he thought,

“If I jump down I can kick the two guards off the roof, then the people coming to see what the shouts were about, will think I am still inside the castle.  Then I will climb back up and get to King Henry and kill him.”

So he jumped through the window and kicked one of the guards off the roof.  The other guard was caught off his guard, so a quick stab with a dagger finished him off.  The above him he heard voices.

“Oh no, he’s dead!” then another voice, it sounded like Sir Brook’s voice,

“Go and tell king Henry!”

Then the first voice replied,

“But he’s hunting in the forest with Lord Cardwell of Essex!”

“I will ride out and tell him!”said the voice of Sir Brooks.  He heard hurried feet leaving the room.

“In the forest?”thought the assassin.  “I will go and get him for sure!”

The assassin looked around him. The guard he had stabbed had a bow and an arrow quiver lying next to him.  A coil of rope lay next to him as well.  The assassin quickly tied to rope to the ramparts and he hurled the other end of the rope to the ground.  He picked the bow and arrows up and slowly and carefully climbed down the rope to the ground!

Just then he saw Sir Brooks galloping in the direction of the forest!

The forest was about 200 metres away from the castle, so the assassin started running towards the forest.  He ran across a deep green meadow with grass as long as children, and he finally reached the forest.  He brushed aside some leaves and cautiously walked to the oak tree.  Then someone emerged from the green leaves.  It was Spikey, then he said,

“It seems you have failed your mission, dear ‘blue assassin’.  The chap they all call Sir Brooks was intercepted by an arrow.  He lies dead at the moment.  Now we have our faithful Lord Cardwell with King Henry.  He is about to lead Henry to us, and then we will kill him.”

“We certainly will, this plan is working so well!” it was Sir Dusseldorf.  Then the sound of hoof beats met their ears.

“Quick hide now!”ordered Sir Dussleldorf.  Then came voices,

“This, My Lord is a very interesting oak tree!” lied Lord Cardwell.

“Kill him Spikey!” whispered Düsseldorf.  The Blue Assassin saw Spikey fit an arrow to his bow.  Then suddenly, from the green foliage came a scream.  The assassin had killed Spikey and was now wrestling with Sir Düsseldorf.

“Who…… what on Earth?” shouted Henry.  Lord Cardwell, saw what was wrong and hit King Henry in the face, knocking him to the ground!

“What? spluttered Henry!  Then the assassin got slowly up and cursed, then he said,

“Lord Cardwell, your associates are dead, and so will you be!”

“What is the meaning of this? I will have your head cut off Cardwell!”raged King Henry.

“Haha, threatening someone when you’re on the floor!”laughed Cardwell.  Then the assassin lunged at Cardwell with his sword and stabbed where it is fatal.  The sword demolished his lungs and he sunk to the ground dying!

“My Lord!”The Man In Blue said, “I am afraid I have killed King Francis, but now I am on your side.  I have killed men trying to kill you, and now if you will forgive me I will help you!”

The King said,

“What is your name?”

“My real name is Edward Arncastle.”replied the man in blue.

“Then Edward Arncastle, I knight you, and you will live in Middlestone Castle as my advisor!  Thank you for saving me!


The Premier League Run In

The Premier League has taken a twist in favour of Manchester United! Chelsea drawing 1-1 with Blackburn saw Man Utd go top! Chelsea, even if they win their game in hand, will still be one point behind Man Utd. Man Utd have been gathering speed since Christmas and it looks like this will be the closest Premier League season for ages!  They also smashed Liverpool in a great match 2-1 and guess what. . . see my next blog!  Can you tell me what special thing didn’t happen that did happen the last three times Man Utd played Liverpool?!
Arsenal, however are not far behind and if Chelsea win their next game the Premier League looks like this.

Manchester United P:31-GD:47-Points:69

It’s very tight and I encourage all of you lot who read this to comment and include who you think will win the PREMIER LEAGUE!
More ‘Premier League Run In’ next week to be written on Monday!

Harry Legg

July 2018
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