Prologue to The Chlowlow Journey


Late one night, a native Indian knocked on a rotten wooden door. There was silence. Then at last The Indian heard a shuffling figure come to the door.

Who is it?” asked an old hoarse voice.

Ouuudini!” answered the Indian. The door creaked open.

Did you-do it? The diamond, I mean.” An old lady wearing an old, ragged Red Indian dress stood in the doorway, her pearl necklace sparkling under the moonlight.

Of course!” replied the Indian. “I must go soon, so hide the diamond! And remember, if you talk, YOU DIE!” The woman cowered behind the door, as if frightened by the Indian’s words.

Yes, !” she stuttered. Ouuudini disappeared stealthily into the night sky!

Jamie and Lord Taarken sat in a musty, old room as their friend strode in to the room with a worried expression on his face.

My Dad, Ouuudini should have arrived earlier today. But he hasn’t. I’m going down town to look for him. Houdini ran off!

Ten minutes later, Houdini ran in to the room and slumped down on a wooden chair. His face was pale!

He’s caught malaria and is going to die! Quick, come with me to the hospital!” Houdini ran back out of the room towards a horse drawn wagon. Taarken looked at Jamie’s chair. But no Jamie was there. Then a voice called to Taarken.

Come on, we’re going to the hospital.”

When in the wagon cart, trundling along, Houdini explained himself.

He was travelling here. But somehow he fell in a swamp and got bitten by a bloodthirsty mosquito. Suddenly, my Dad became weak. But a passer-by rescued him, luckily, without being bitten and took him to the hospital.” The wagon stopped outside a wooden building and they all got out. Once inside the hospital they asked the lady at the desk in the entrance hall,

Can you tell us where Raion Ouuudini is?”

He is here, but you can’t see him, He’s expected to die, VERY, soon!” Houdini stood still for a second and then thrust his hand into his pocket. Out came a dagger!

Now,” he said calmly. “Where is Raion Ouuudini?”

Through the door on left!”she quavered pointing. Houdini rushed through the door with Jamie and Taarken following.

When Ouuudini saw his son, he gasped,

All is not lost!” Houdini walked to his father’s bed.

Ouuudini reached for his son’s hand and stuttered his last sentence.

The diamond,…in Chlowlow, ol…d-la-deeeeee. As his criminal father passed away, Houdini looked at Taarken and Jamie.

Chlowlow, it is!” he whispered.

Over the next few days the three men prepared for an expedition to Chlowlow.

A month later, they were on the road to Chlowlow. But there were many problems.

They were running short of food. They had rapidly spread Ouuudini’s last words and had acquired numerous numbers of eager people on the quest to get the lost diamond. Houdini, Taarken and Jamie gravely discussed the situation.

We are in the middle of nowhere, we’re running out of food, and furthermore, we have no idea where the village Hisini is.” said Taarken. “ So I’m afraid we’re lost FOREVER!”


3 Responses to “Prologue to The Chlowlow Journey”

  1. March 2, 2010 at 7:14 am

    This is basically the lead up to the Chlowlow Journey. You have to read the prologue to understand The Chlowlow Journey.

    😀 😀 😀

    By the Author of this website

    Harry David Legg

  2. March 4, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    No you dont have to read The Prologue to understand the Chowlow journey, I think.

    Because I read the chowlow journey first!!

  3. March 4, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    yeah but it does explain a bit about the story! 😀

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