Bzflag is in my opinion the best COMPUTER game in the world, and arguably the best game EVER!  Firstly, I will tell you all what it is about.  It is a tank game which involves ‘capturing a flag’.  There are lots of other settings eg: deathmatch and more!  There are 4 colours of tanks-red, green, purple and blue-which battle each other.  Now, in capture the flag, there can be any number of teams.  Every tank can pick up any FLAG, which will give them a weapon.  I will tell you about the weapons later.  But with out a flag you still ALWAYS have a normal gun turret.  There is also a flag BELONGING to each team.  Each team has a ‘pad’ (there own colour).  The flag BELONGING to another team can be brought onto your own pad, which captures another team’s flag.  This action will kill the WHOLE of the other team’s members.

There are different types of weapons (GUIDED MISSILE gm-LASER laser-STEALTH st-CLOAKING cl-AGILITY agility-SHOCK WAVE sw- and last, but certainly not least-MACHINE GUN mg.  There are also lots of other weapons which I haven’t told you about.  But these are the BEST weapons, also I will tell you about SUPER BULLET sb (you can shoot through walls with).

So, the first weapon is guided missile or when you’re playing the game online -gm as slang-.  Guided missile enables you to lock onto another tank as long as there are NO other tanks in the way, or you will lock on to another tank will maybe enven kill a teammate (slang version is tk, for someone who kills their team mate.  When you RIGHT click anywhere on the screen and press fire(left click) it will follow the tank you’re shooting at, until it hits it target, the range runs out or it hits an object in the way (including team mates).  Also, with guided missile you CAN’T SHOOT SOMEONE FROM CLOSE RANGE!

The second weapon I will tell you about is laser.  Laser is a beam of light which destroys tanks from EXTREMELY LONG RANGE.  In some ‘maps’ (see later) there are ‘holes’ through which you can shoot at other tanks from.  If you have laser when doing that, it is called ‘camping’.

The third weapon I will tell you about is in my opinion the best weapon on the game!  Stealth!  When you play Bzflag, every tank has a radar (in the bottom left of the screen).  When you have stealth, you do not appear on their radar.  This means in effect that you can sneak up on anyone without being spotted as long as you don’t go in front of their eyes.  But one way to stop stealth being effective is a weapon called Seer.  Seer means that you can see stealth on the radar as well as normal tanks.  Stealth is also the best way of stealing the opposition’s flag.

The next weapon I am going to tell you about is Cloaking.  Cloaking simply makes you invisible to other tanks on their screen BUT NOT on the radar.  It is has a special extra which is quite cool.  Cloaking also means that you can NOT BE SHOT BY A LASER.

The next weapon I will tell you about is Agility.  With Agility, when you move your mouse, or keys (when you use the keyboard to play), then push the mouse in the direction you want it to go it while pressing the jump button (usually tab), your tank will jump forward a long way.  Also by using the same movements with the mouse, but don’t use jump, you can dodge bullets quite easily!

Next up is Shock Wave!  With shock wave (slang of that is sw), you can’t shoot bullets, but when you press or click the same button you always use to shoot, a sphere shaped ball will kill everyone near you at that time.  But don’t worry!  It won’t kill you!

Last, but certainly, definitely, not least. . .  MACHINE GUN!  I may have made too big a fuss about this weapon already, but it’s quite good, though not as good as stealth or guided missile and arguably laser.  This deadly weapon shoots EXTREMELY quickly and it doesn’t need to reload.  So you can just destroy tanks, although the range is limited slightly.

The last weapon I will tell you about is in some situations a key!  When the opposition have stolen your flag, but you have killed the tank who stole it, super bullet will help you to hold the other team up while a stealth while take the flag back.

Oops, I forgot to tell you about another VERY IMPORTANT weapon.  GENOCIDE.  If you know what genocide means you can probably guess what it does in Bzflag.  If you kill someone while possessing genocide you will destroy their whole team, and all the kills go to you!

I have now finished telling you about weapons but there still are some interesting points to be covered.  Firstly, tele-porting!  When you see a rectangle standing up with a black and yellow perimeter and a black opening, that is a tele-porter!  When you go through the black opening it will move you somewhere across the map you’re playing on.  You will come out next to another tele-porter.

I have forgotten to tell you about an amazing weapon!  That is wings!  Wings enables you to jump in the air with your tank and manoeuvre whilst still in the air!  Normally, you would be limited to one jump in which you couldn’t move around at all whilst in the air.  You can move about with wings in the air changing where you land and also depending on what map you’re on, it might give you extra jumps as well.

So, that is all I have to tell you about, but I will be writing my review on weekend football!  PLEASE LOOK AT THAT!  I am writing that now!


3 Responses to “Bzflag”

  1. March 20, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    Uh Harry, how do you play Bzflag? what website is it?

    • March 21, 2010 at 7:13 am

      it’s not on a website! 😀

    • March 21, 2010 at 7:20 am

      michal, bzflag is the best game ever! it is just a game you can get on a LINUX computer. it is sooo cool. id u come round my house i’ll show u. my blog will be carryed on soon

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