The Premier League is well under way.  Chelsea were cruising at first but they have had a dip in form.  However their YOUNGSTERS managed to beat MSK Zilina in a close 2-1 win.  Man Utd seem to have Wayne Rooney back to form.  But a penalty is definitely not enough  to secure the support of fans and also to prove that he is good enough to have a regular starting place.

Man City and Arsenal in particular are not to be ruled out.  But Arsenal’s loss against Braga thanks to two goals from Matheus showed many weaknesses in Arsenal.  Money seems to be paying off for Man City. . .

Bolton have been impressive recently but I think we can rule them out of the title race.  Along side Bolton, Tottenham are fighting but Harry Redknapp’s claims are premature to say the least.

Liverpool are on one of their worst seasons, while Sunderland are enjoying a few recent wins.

Newcastle, Blackpool and Blackburn are competing around 11th place.  Newcastle’s bright start to the season after moving up from the Championship has slowed down, leaving them only mid-table contenders.

Aston Villa, Everton, Birmingham, West Brom and Fulham are poor this season and are fighting to beat the drop.

Wigan, Wolves and West Ham lie in the relegation zone.

My Predictions


Wigan, Wolves and Birmingham.

League Winner

Man Utd  Reason:  Because they are coming back to form with Rooney on the go you never know but then again you can’t rule out Chelsea, or Arsenal or even Man City.



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