Commentary Liverpool V Tottenham

15:55: 5 minutes till we kick off.

Breaking News: Joe Cole will not be starting for Liverpool, he slightly injured his ankle in training.

Day round up so far: Chelsea 1 Newcastle 1.

15:58 We’re about to start.

Anticipation is gonna get the better of me soon. . . #

16:00 Jamie Carragher leads his side out on his 450th league appearance, interesting, isn’t it.

A twitter comment says “God save Paul Konchesky today, I’m afraid he’ll be ripped apart by Lennon!”
Very true!!!

1603: Liverpool gets us underway after Gallas has a last team talk with his fellow players. Match started a little late!

Apparently it is freezing in London at the moment, even though I love football I wouldn’t play in just shorts, maybe winter coat, scarf, gloves and hat I might have been persuaded for a bit of money. . .

16:08 Gallas passes back to Gomes but dosen’t seem to realise how close the keeper was, Gomes does well to clear the ball out of any danger.

16:10 As predicted, Lennon rips Konchesky apart, passed to Luka Modric who can only punt the ball into Reina’s hands.

16:12 Torres plays a lovely ball to Maxi Rodriguez, but the Argentine is a fraction offside.



1 Response to “Commentary Liverpool V Tottenham”

  1. November 28, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    tad annoyed that i had 2 come off the computer, 😦

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